4 Common Website Design Dallas Myths That May Hurt Your Small Business

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2 min readSep 28, 2022


A quality website design Dallas can help your small business grow by boosting your digital presence, giving you the opportunity to reach new people, and raising your overall brand awareness. Unfortunately, there are some myths about design that can keep your website from reaching its full potential. Here are four myths that you should know about:

Myth 1: The Dallas Web Design’s Form is More Important than Function

Starting your brand’s new digital presence with a unique and aesthetically pleasing web design in Dallas is important. While the design will capture attention, you need to focus on more than its looks. Its functionality will determine whether people return to your website. Clear navigation, quality content, and fast loading speeds are essential.

Myth 2: Responsive Web Design in Dallas is a Bonus, Not a Necessity

When creating your website, you may try to save time by designing it for one device. However, if you think your target audience prefers desktop computers and laptops, basing the design on that assumption can lead to a poor user experience for visitors on their phones or tablets. Provide the best experience to everyone by using a responsive design.

Myth 3: Your Website Design Dallas Really Only Needs a Homepage

A well-designed homepage will welcome visitors and share important information. Because you can technically fit a lot of content on your homepage, you may decide to add no pages beyond it. Doing this will limit the work that your website can do for you. Creating different pages to share unique content makes the website easier to navigate and can help boost your search engine ranking.

Myth 4: DIY and Custom Dallas Web Designs Have the Same Impact

As you start this project, you can either do it yourself with a website builder or reach out to a professional team for a custom design. While a DIY digital presence can help you get started, keep in mind that a website designer can help boost your presence further by sharing their expertise. myheartcreative’s web design team can create a unique custom website for your brand. Contact us to begin.



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