Four Logo Design Dallas Variations that Every Brand Needs to Know

Your logo design Dallas is the foundation of your visual identity. While the mark is essential, there are times when you need alternative versions due to placement or specific platforms. To prevent sizing and legibility issues, your logo designer will create logo variations.

Variations are rearranged versions of your primary logo that feature the same colors and fonts. Depending on the intended use, the Dallas design may include your primary logo’s graphic. Logo variations give you the versatility to represent your brand across platforms.

4 Important Logo Design Dallas Variations

1. Primary

This logo is likely what you have in mind when meeting with a designer. This is the main logo used to represent your brand, and all of the variations stem from its graphic design Dallas. It is your most extensive logo, featuring your brand name, graphics, and sometimes a tagline.

2. Secondary

Your secondary logo is the most frequently used alternative. Its Dallas design is compact and simplified. As an example, if your primary logo is horizontal with a prominent graphic, your secondary logo can have a vertical design with stacked text and a smaller graphic.

3. Submark

To use your logo in a condensed space, you need a submark. These circle or square designs are small and simple but highly identifiable. There are many possibilities for submarks, it may include your full business name and a graphic, or it may just be your business’s initials.

4. Favicon

When adding a custom image to your website’s URL tab, you need something smaller than a submark, specifically, a favicon. These are the smallest variations, but they are still important to your overall visual identity. Favicons will include your brand’s initials or a small illustration.

Your Graphic Design Dallas Team

When meeting with a designer to create this key part of your visual identity, it is important to

choose a team that will create more than a primary logo. At myheartcreative, we will meet with you to determine which variations your business needs so your logo will look its best across platforms. Get in touch to meet with our team.



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