Important Google Algorithm Updates for Small Business and Local SEO Marketing Dallas

Strategic SEO marketing Dallas can significantly boost your small business’s reach, especially if you focus on increasing local awareness. For the best effect, you should adjust your SEO and SEM strategies based on Google’s algorithm updates. These four changes are especially important for small businesses.

Updates to Consider for SEO Marketing Dallas:

1. Core Updates in 2022

Google routinely unrolls core updates to improve its search capabilities; two of the most recent were in May and September of 2022. Core updates can significantly affect traffic to specific pages or even your website as a whole. This traffic change often starts with a dip, which is why having an established SEO strategy with quality content is so helpful.

2. Map Interface and Local Searches

Layout changes on the Google Maps interface can potentially affect your listing. Local search results are now listed on the side of the page, with the map taking up most of the screen.

Even the best search engine marketing Dallas strategy will not be effective if people cannot find you, so make sure that your listing is entirely accurate to prevent confusion.

3. Additional GBP Attributes

A range of new attributes can be included on your Google Business Profile (GBP). These can help your SEO ranking by allowing you to easily share information that appeals to your target audience, like details related to payments, ownership, and proximity to other businesses. For example, you can share that your veteran-owned business is close to several restaurants.

4. Listing Update Capabilities

Recent updates to Google’s interface have streamlined your ability to update your listing information. Previously, any changes had to be made through your GBP. Now, you can quickly edit your listing by searching for your profile and entering an inline dashboard. The dashboard also provides information on visitors, performance indicators, and more.

Interested in Search Engine Marketing Dallas?

Successful search engine optimization and marketing requires constant analysis of search

engine trends, audience interests, algorithm updates, and more. As such, it can always help to reach out to a team of professionals. Contact myheartcreative to grow your reach with SEO.



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