The 61 Best Logo Fonts and How to Pick the Right One

A variety of components contribute to a good logo design Dallas — one key factor is your font choice. There are thousands of fonts that can be used in your design. Here are 61 of the best fonts to use for logos.

The Best Fonts for Logo Design Dallas

1. Custom

If your business’s new logo will be entirely custom, it may look its best when a unique, custom font is used. This may be an entirely new script based on your handwriting, or the Dallas design team may make some changes to an existing font to help it represent your brand.


These fonts feature decorative strokes that create a sense of elegance and sophistication. A logo with these fonts can highlight your reliability and professionalism.

2. Garamond

3. Neue Swift

4. Trajan

5. Bodoni

6. Choplin

7. Didot

8. Baltica

9. Yeseva One

10. Rufina

11. Big Caslon

12. Vollkorn

13. Canilari

14. FF Avance

15. Walk On

16. Modesto

17. Rockwell

18. Abril Fatface

19. ITC Lubalin Graph

20. Butler

21. Alfa Slab One

22. Grenale Slab

23. Cardo

24. Revista

25. Sackers Gothic


These fonts may be ideal if you are interested in a more modern design for your logo. This clean style can convey your business’s efficiency and approachability.

26. Helvetica

27. Futura

28. Impact

29. Proxima Nova

30. FF Meta

31. Ostrich Sans

32. Neo Sans

33. Museo Sans

34. Aileron

35. Nunito Sans

36. Univers

37. ITC Bauhaus

38. Frutiger

39. Horizon

40. Rational TW

41. Krona One

42. Exo

43. FF Din

44. Foco

45. Brandon Grotesque

46. Glober

47. Cassannet

48. Docu

49. Odibee Sans

50. Quicksand

51. Bowlby One SC

52. Advent Pro

53. Sassoon

54. Tondo

55. Uni Sans

56. Posterama

57. Amsi Pro


While script fonts are not used as frequently as serif and sans-serif options, they are growing in popularity. This beautiful style can show that your business is relatable.

58. Bambusa Pro

59. Steak

60. Hanley Pro

61. La Luxes

Choosing the Best Font for Your Dallas Design

Your logo is an important mark that shows your audience who you are and what sets you apart. Considering these questions can help you choose the right font:

● What should my brand represent?

● Who is my target audience?

● Where will I use my logo?

● What fonts do my competitors use?

In many cases, your logo design team can help you choose the best fonts for your brand. Get in touch to create your custom logo with myheartcreative.



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